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Useful for Short Term Crops.

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(AVAILABLE IN PACKING: 250 ML, 500 ML, 1 L, 5 L.)
By a long study and a lot of practicals, we have made such a product, which is useful for short term crops (i.e. duration of 3-4 months). This is a pure Ayurvedic product and got very successful within a short period of time in Maharashtra. No chemical element is present in this product, that’s why it is non-toxic. It helps to provide every necessary element for the large production without any damage or infection, therefore farmer doesn’t need any of chemical fertilizers.
Note 1: All the contents of these products are currently not been revealed and kept secret due to some official and personal reasons.
Note 2: Its an upgraded version of our previous product “Shiv Sanjivani”, in terms of concentration, capacity, and quality.


  • You don’t need to use any chemical fertilizer.
  • Accelerates the growth rate of crops.
  • Useful for all vegetables & crops having a duration around 3-4 months.
  • From the second spray, falling of flowers will be stopped.
  • From the third spray, no. of fruits/beans in crops will be increased.
  • Very low cost compared all other expenses needed to be done by a farmer.


3 Sprays for whole Season of a short term crop
  • This product is purely Ayurvedic product and is neither an insecticide nor a pesticide.
  • Hence the recommended advice to avoid the insects and pests is to use this product from the beginning instead of using in the middle of the season.

How It Works?

After the spray, the molecules of Jivani Advance accumulates on the leaves, stems, flowers (on the area exposed to the air while spraying).

From the leaves, it will be then transferred and provided to every part of the crop apart from root to the top providing the necessary elements to increase it’s

1) Increases the no. of flowers/fruits/beans per plant.

2) Accelerates Growth rate

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Weight 100 kg

250 ML, 500ML, 1L, 5L


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