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Seedex is used for seed treatment of all the crops, vegetables, fruits and plants before sowing. Because of a single bottle of ‘Seedex’, a farmer doesn’t need any kind of fertilizer like DAP, Urea, etc. while sowing of 1- 2 acres of land depending upon the variety of the seed/crop. It helps a farmer to save around 1500-2000 rupees per acre¬†while sowing itself.


  • Increases soil fertility.
  • Increase the growth rate of crops.
  • Useful for all crops.
  • No chemical is contaminated.
  • Very low cost compared all other expenses needed to be done by a farmer.



Seed treatment: The 50 ml with 1-liter of water, spray on seeds and rub them gently. Keep for 20 minutes in shadow and proceed for sowing.
How does It work?
It creates a healthy environment for a sown seed so that it can arise and grows much faster with the following features.
1) 80-90% of germination capability

2) Provides both micro & macronutrients.
3) Provides every necessary ingredient required like Nitrogen.

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