With the constant growth of industries, it has now become important that we think about our ecosystem and environment. The reasons for dedicating a day towards the environment are endless. Some of these include environmental issues such as Marine pollution, overpopulation, wildlife crime and much more. To bring awareness towards the same, we started celebrating it in the form of a particular day dedicated towards the environment. It was first held in 1974 and since then has been instrumental in bringing awareness towards the environment. With the bounty of metropolitan culture, we consider the environment as “Prakriti”, the incarnation of the mother goddess by whose blessings we can cherish all the seasons. The one who tries to violate the laws of the environment and nature is considered foolish and invites problems not only for him but for his surroundings as well. Cutting down trees, hunting animals for pleasure, polluting rivers, etc are some practices which are strongly criticised in our scriptures, as these serve to be the signs of sinful activity. Gowardhan Krushi makes you aware to care about the environment day by spreading awareness about world pollution day.