India is an agricultural country & many people are a farmer in their profession. A farmer works hard in his farms the whole day. He sprays various insecticides and pesticides on these crops from time to time and protects them from various diseases. He uses various chemical fertilizers for the growth of the crops. He is very caring towards his farm more than himself. But instead of all of these, he doesn’t get an outcome as he wants. Because of using chemical fertilizers, soil fertility is degraded, because of insecticides and pesticides crops became toxic and unhealthy for us. Now farming became very costly. Hence he withdraws a loan in a very large amount but he can’t give that amount back. Many farmers mentally forced towards suicides. From last few years, these cases are increased. For example ‘Vidarbha’ in Maharashtra.

    So to overcome all of these problems, we’ve taken an initiative by presenting the following products.